Wheels on the outside of the cars body with one seat are the main specifications an open wheel car and have grown in popularity alongside the closed wheel car. These vehicles are not as familiar as they have a completely different appearance than the everyday street car, sports car, touring car or grand touring that people are used to seeing in car racing. Usually built specifically for racing, open wheel cars have a high level of engineering specifications that made a step up on the vehicle that locals were used to seeing. Formula 1 is the category of vehicle and name for the industry of open wheel car racing.

Formule_Renault_-_GTRO_RACING_-_Circuit_Los_Arcos_Espagne_Spain_-_Club_ASA_-_Image_Picture_Photography_(15063422704)It was the mechanic Ray Harroun who pioneered the concept of a lightweight race car in the automobile industry. He was involved in competitive racing in the beginning of its era. It was 1910 when he was chief engineer who built a race car intended to win the very first Indianapolis 500. He went on to win that competition and showed the world that his open wheel automobile concept could potentially set the standard for considerations in regards to fast vehicles.

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There is very little cockpit on an open wheel automobile design in order to enclose a single driver only. Modern cars have the engine located directly behind the driver’s seat of the vehicle and the rear wheels steer the car. Open wheelers have wings at the front and back and a flat bottom in efforts to be as aerodynamic as possible.

Although most open wheel race tracks are manmade, there are a number of road tracks available for these types of race cars. The vehicles can reach up to 370 kms and run on oval tracks for racing.

The ability to drive an open wheeled vehicle requires practice. It varies significantly from road cars or closed wheel race cars. Most drivers now have grown up in the industry, spending time on race tracks growing up in order to perfect the art of racing open wheeled cars.