Sports racing began in the 1920s and 1930s along with the evolution of the automobile. From the Bugatti to the Grand Prix, the presence sports racing has followed along history with road cars, constantly developing new methods for pushing the boundaries. The Grand Prix was in full swing and the 1950s brought the development of race car world championships in response to the significant growth in the popularity around race car driving.

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vintage-racing-car-1142438_960_720Many of the cars used to race reflected the vehicles that were popular among the locals. The awe inspiring factors of race car driving were in the mechanical factors as much as the act of racing itself. The industry grew with the interest in automobiles and a huge popularity emerged in the countries that house the front runners in the vehicle industry. Italy, Germany and Britain were all on board with the phenomenon of race car driving with Japan showing sporadic interest in the industry.

Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus and Ford were on the frontier of car racing in the 1960s and 1970s. Standards started to arise in the industry, setting out protocols and specifications for automobiles and the policies of car racing. The 1980s showed a massive growth in the types of cars that were available to the general public, expanding the possibilities for the sports car racing industry.

The 2000s brought in a revolution in America when car racing became one of most popular sports in the country. Television contracts emerged for sports racing events and the variety of sporting events grew immensely on a local level along with a professional level. The world began to see showrooms and car shows pop up all around the nation and those events alongside sports racing became a core aspect of the auto and racing industry.

The evolution of car racing has developed alongside the auto industry but supplemented the personal experience of driving cars into a massive, worldwide phenomenon. The interest initially developed locally grew exponentially throughout the nation and car racing has shown to be an integral part of the sports industry.